Save Time & Money with Jet Forecasting's Sales Forecasting Platform

Say goodbye to waiting hours or even days for your system to generate a forecast.

The Jet Forecasting platform leverages the resources of the cloud to create the best possible forecast in unprecedented time.

You will be enabled with a simple to use yet leading-edge platform that combines current forecasting methods, extensive quality checking, and a hyper-speed optimization engine.

Here’s our basic process.

First, you start by uploading your weekly sales data by demand node [item, location, customer]. When you're ready, the Jet Forecast platform automatically performs the following steps:
    1. Sales data is intelligently cleaned up looking for data anomalies [outliers].
    2. The sales data is evaluated using dozens of forecasting methods.
    3. We test and rank the competing methods based on your configured objective.
    4. The winning forecast method is selected.
    5. Finally, a future forecast is generated for the winning method.

We do all of this in a fraction of second per demand node.